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Learn Tech Teach works with youth and education organizations to deliver youth programs that produce measurable results.

Achieve Your Grant Milestones. Take the Right Steps to Satisfy Funders and Supporters.


Our mission is to help youth leaders achieve their program goals and outcomes. Together, we do this while meeting funding milestones and measures of performance that enable ongoing innovation and success.

Concrete Outcomes

We have over 15 years of experience collaborating with college professors, school administrators, and educational technology managers. We know what it takes to run an effective youth program.

Employability Skills

Schedule a meeting to explore effective learning strategies and the right EdTech for your youth program. Together, we can work side by side to integrate good strategies for teaching employability skills and empowering youth for the future of work.


Why choose us?


Strategic Insights from Over 15 Years of Experience

Dedicated Service and Support

Deliver more value and have more impact with a seasoned strategic partner

Prepare learners for school and work in ways that have a real impact.

Empower staff to gain the current skills and knowledge for effectively managing e-learning programs

Experience collaborations that extend impact and results



Sample reviews for our company.

“Sessions of committed concentrated effort is what I needed. I learned a lot from working together to create this course.”


“I didn't think I could achieve the same results online, but with Khaitsa and her team, I was able to create an interactive online course with simulations and activities that provided a more in-depth learning experience."


“We transformed our content into games and scenario-based courses.”




Learn Tech Teach works in partnership with individuals and entities that have recently been approved for grants to deliver programs and services to youth 14 to 24 years old.   Our mission is to help you achieve your program goals and outcomes and to help you can reach your grant milestones and measures of performance with a lot more ease and peace of mind.