Dr. Khaitsa Wasiyo

"Effective e-Learning doesn't just happen. Use comprehensive planning and integrated delivery to ensure learning results.”

Delivering E-Learning Since 2005

"In 2005, we connected two classrooms in Sapporo and Kyoto Japan to participate in my lecture on database systems.  It was video-based and interactive.  Everybody got to ask questions and share ideas," said Dr. Wasiyo at a Kyoto Computer Gakuin program funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency. "The technology brought people together to share knowledge in ways that changed behaviors."

For the past 15 years, Dr. Khaitsa Wasiyo has helped organizations to build and scale youth and education programs using her expertise in curriculum design, educational technologies, and e-learning project management. She has been a college professor, school administrator, and educational technology manager. Dr. Wasiyo understands the challenges faced by youth programs.

Dr. Wasiyo taught courses such as "Teaching and Learning with Technology," "Business Systems," and "Collaborative Project Management" at Manhattan College.

Soon after completing her Doctorate in Education from Columbia University where she also earned her Master’s in Instructional Technology and Media, she was managing educational projects globally for various organizations.

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For the past 15 years, we have helped many small businesses, training providers, universities, and various government agencies to build innovative learning solutions.

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